• CORRECTION: We interrupt your regular CNN programming

    Ever get so exasperated with cable news that you wish you could jump on-screen and take over? Our own Julianna Forlano was able to do just that!We now interrupt your regular CNN programming for a much-needed correction.

    Posted by act.tv on Friday, October 30, 2015

    Special sneak peak of my new project

    Hey everyone, Check out this new project I’m working on with Act.TV. This episode is part of the Correction series, where I extract the truth from mainstream media coverage. Leave your thoughts in a comment below, I wanna hear what you think of it~  

  • Ep. 208: To Heal, Otherwise Known as Tikkun

    One of the most important Rabbis in America, Rabbi Michael Lerner is on the show tonight. He’s the founder of Tikkun Magazine and co-founder of The Network of Spiritual Progressives, and author of over nine books, including Healing Israel/Palestine: A Path to Peace and Reconciliation. Listen below:

  • Ep. 207: Berning Hot and Steady at the Debate

    Tonight on the show, David Bender, Political Director for the Progressive Voices Network, is back to give his expert analysis of the first DNC debate. This episode will answer a lot of questions about why Hillary really didn’t win anything in that Las Vegas slug match. Listen below:


    Bernie Sanders will be speaking in NYC tomorrow, September 18, 2015! Follow the link below to contribute to Bernie’s fundraiser and get your seat at his first speech in NYC: https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/contribute/NYC?source=em150914

  • Julianna Forlano Show: The Algerian Movie and Bern’in Down The House! (Ep. 202)

    We had all of our favorite segments on the show tonight. Feel the Bern, Reports from Vagistan and The Audacity of Pope! Also on the show, Director Giovanni Zelko, to talk about his award winning movie “The Algerian,” which focuses on Ali, a man with a double life, both a student, and a terrorist sleeper […]

  • Ep. 201: #FeelTheBern! And Is Trump an “Illuminati Puppet”? Or just a Racist One?

    On this episode we cover candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the polls. We don’t discuss Trump…well, we do, but only by discussing the importance of not discussing him. HA! All that and the 10 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. “Bobby” Jindal’s idiotic climate change denial also makes a splash… but not in the deadly […]

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Ep. 120: What Winning the War on Marijuana Looks Like.

On today’s episode we are joined by Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance as we discuss the legalization of marijuana. Comedian Scott Blakeman joins us in the studio. We also talk to author Mitchel Cohen, who surprises us with an in-studio drop in. We talk about the protests against the Mexico government and the […]

Ep: 119 The Audacity of Pope! Francis tells the G20 to Maybe Care About People. @JuliannaForlanoShow

On this episode we discuss the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, the Keystone KL pipeline, and the AUDACITY of POPE!    

Ep. 118: Trickle Up Theory Wins! : A Livable Minimum Wage is a WIN for All. So why not?

Peter Davis  just co-wrote a letter with Ralph Nader to Harry Reid and Nancy  Pelosi, urging them to take instruction from the remarkable ballot initiatives raising the minimum wage that passed in four deep red conservative states despite the Republican victories in the midterms. Comedy writer and performer Tom Saunders and I talk with Peter […]

Ep. 117: WAR & MORE WAR: Reese Erlich on Syria/Iraq and @Salon’s Bob Hennelly on The Military Industrial Complex.

Longtime investigative reporter for WNYC Bob Hennelly joins us to talk about unknown history of the HOMELAND SECURITY state  and then in part two, bestselling author and journalist Reese Erlich tells us what we can expect from the situation in Syria. And also, there are jokes….  

Ep.116: “Don’t Thank Me For My Service”: Vets Reveal the TRUTH Behind Veteran Suicides & @Tommy_Saunders of #ArrestedDevlopment on Activism in the Entertainment Industry.

Vets reveal the TRUTH  behind veteran suicides that no one is talking about in part one. Then screen writer and comedian Tom Saunders of Arrested Development speaks about the letter of support for Edward Snowden and other whistle blowers signed by entertainment industry stars.

Ep. 115: Net Neutrality on the Verge and a Midterm Massacre: NOW WHAT? with Lance Simmens and John Anderson

Professor John Anderson gives us the low down on the latest FCC shenanigans regarding a free and open internet and author and Democratic political strategist Lance Simmens joins us to discuss the way forward for progressives given this current disaster of an ‘election’.

Ep. 112: Sure He Can Say It, Cause He’s Not Corporate Owned: Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins on the issues.

Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins joins us to discuss the midterm elections and how no matter what, it will be a win for the Greens.  

Ep 114: Another STOLEN Election? A Campaign Promise Kept? Greg Palast, Andrew Jones of The Intercept and comedian Leighann Lord.

Investigative reporter Greg Palast joins us in the second half to discuss the new Jim Crow and the grim reality of our electoral process, but first we wave a not-so-fond farewell to the Stop-And-Frisk policy in New York City thanks to a campaign promise kept by Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Comedian Leighann Lord co-hosts.

A Letter to the American Non-Voter

Voting is one of American’s main civic duties, second only to flag brandishing, competitive eating and stimulating the economy at the Macy’s 4th of July White Sale. Yet according to the non-profit research and analysis organization FairVote.org, only about 60 percent of the eligible voting population casts their ballot during presidential election years, and only […]

Ep. 109:Pay-To-Play: Democracy’s High Stakes Filmmaker Holly Mosher Joins Us to Discuss This VIP Documentary. @JuliannaForlano Show

The new documentary film  Pay 2 Play takes an closer look at the influence of money in politics. Executive Producer Holly Mosher joins us for the full hour on today’s show.