• CORRECTION: We interrupt your regular CNN programming

    Ever get so exasperated with cable news that you wish you could jump on-screen and take over? Our own Julianna Forlano was able to do just that!We now interrupt your regular CNN programming for a much-needed correction.

    Posted by act.tv on Friday, October 30, 2015

    Special sneak peak of my new project

    Hey everyone, Check out this new project I’m working on with Act.TV. This episode is part of the Correction series, where I extract the truth from mainstream media coverage. Leave your thoughts in a comment below, I wanna hear what you think of it~  

  • Ep. 208: To Heal, Otherwise Known as Tikkun

    One of the most important Rabbis in America, Rabbi Michael Lerner is on the show tonight. He’s the founder of Tikkun Magazine and co-founder of The Network of Spiritual Progressives, and author of over nine books, including Healing Israel/Palestine: A Path to Peace and Reconciliation. Listen below:

  • Ep. 207: Berning Hot and Steady at the Debate

    Tonight on the show, David Bender, Political Director for the Progressive Voices Network, is back to give his expert analysis of the first DNC debate. This episode will answer a lot of questions about why Hillary really didn’t win anything in that Las Vegas slug match. Listen below:


    Bernie Sanders will be speaking in NYC tomorrow, September 18, 2015! Follow the link below to contribute to Bernie’s fundraiser and get your seat at his first speech in NYC: https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/contribute/NYC?source=em150914

  • Julianna Forlano Show: The Algerian Movie and Bern’in Down The House! (Ep. 202)

    We had all of our favorite segments on the show tonight. Feel the Bern, Reports from Vagistan and The Audacity of Pope! Also on the show, Director Giovanni Zelko, to talk about his award winning movie “The Algerian,” which focuses on Ali, a man with a double life, both a student, and a terrorist sleeper […]

  • Ep. 201: #FeelTheBern! And Is Trump an “Illuminati Puppet”? Or just a Racist One?

    On this episode we cover candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the polls. We don’t discuss Trump…well, we do, but only by discussing the importance of not discussing him. HA! All that and the 10 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. “Bobby” Jindal’s idiotic climate change denial also makes a splash… but not in the deadly […]

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Ep 140: Janine Wedel on Systemic Corruption in America & Professor Christine Hong on the Sony Hacks and North Korea

On today’s episode we bring on UCSC Professor Christine Hong and GMU Professor Janine R. Wedel. Prof. Hong talks about the US relationship with North Korea and gives us an update on the Sony hack. Prof. Wedel talks about the deep issues of corruption that run through the US as it goes not just from public officials […]

Ep 139: Rania Khalek on the Charlie Hebdo attack, Steve Horn on the Bob Murray v. Aubrey McClendon Lawsuit & Listners call in about the Charlie Hebdo Attack

On today’s episode we continue our talk on the Charlie Hebdo shooting with independent journalist Rania Khalek. Rania disucess some of the misconceptions about the attack and the magazine itself. We also take listener calls about the shooting as well.  We also talk to Steve Horn about the Bob Murray v. Aubrey McClendon Lawsuit and the coal and fracking […]

Ep 138: Satirist, Author & Lyricist Marc Emory talks about Political Satire in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in France we talk veteran political satirist Marc Emory about the importance of political humor and freedom of expression. Marc is lyricist and played his guitar in studio as he played “Talkin’ TSA Blues”. Marc has a book out and at the end of the show we talked about his […]

Ep 137: Talking Police Brutality, Net Neutrality & the Other side of Mario Cuomo

On today’s episode we get an update from WBAI’s Linda Perry Barr about the divide between Mayor De Blasio and the NYPD. We also discuss police brutality and the importance of net neutrality.  We also discuss Greg Palast’s piece about the other side of Mario Cuomo and what the governor really did during the Long […]

Ep 136: Bob Hennelly on the beginnings of the 114th Congress & Roberto Ragone on the legacy of former NY Gov Mario Coumo

    On today’s episode we discuss the incoming congress, the turning year for climate change and the legacy of Gov. Mario Coumo. On the first part of the show we discuss the important events coming up this year that will be important in the battle against Climate. Next, we bring on Bob Hennelly to […]

Ep 135: Gaius Publius on the Cromnibus Vote and Open Rebellion Caucus & Anne Petermann on Genetically Engineered Chestnut Trees

On today’s episode we bring on journalist and writer Gaius Publius to discuss what happened with the Cromnibus vote and how there is possible open  rebellion within the Democratic ranks. We also ask listener to call in and state why they stopped listening to NPR. Anne Petermann of the Global Justice Ecology Project joins us in the […]

Ep 134: Sujatha Fernandes & Alexander Main talk about the US Agreeing to Normalize relations with Cuba.

With some good news coming in. We talk to  Sociology Professor Sujatha Fernandes and Alexander Main of the Center for Economic and Policy Research about President Obama agreeing to normalize relations with Cuba. We discuss what this new development means for the people of Cuba and what this means for the political  landscape in Washington. We also talk […]

Ep 133: Todd Stiefel on the fight for Atheists and Secularists in the US

Todd Stiefel of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation and the Openly Secular campaign joins us as we discuss the problems that atheists and secularists face in the US. One of the campaigns that Stiefel is help leading is the fight to strike down laws and constitutional provisions  in seven states that disallows atheists from holding public office.  We […]

Ep 132: Norman Solomon on CIA Whistleblowers & Michael Ratner on the fallout from the CIA Torture Report

On today’s episode we have on Norman Solon and of the Institute for Public Accuracy and Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights.  We also get an update from Mitchel Cohen from the Eric Garner protest from last Saturday. Norman Solomon talks about the pending case against CIA whistleblower Jeffery Sterling. While Michael Ratner […]

Ep 131: Katie Halper reports from Vagistan & solidarity in the movement against police brutality

In our first report from Vagistan we are joined by comedian Katie Halper as we discuss the CIA Torture Report in greater detail. We also take listener calls as we go over the need for solidarity in the movement against police brutality and violence. Be sure to listen as we get some interesting listener calls […]