• CORRECTION: We interrupt your regular CNN programming

    Ever get so exasperated with cable news that you wish you could jump on-screen and take over? Our own Julianna Forlano was able to do just that!We now interrupt your regular CNN programming for a much-needed correction.

    Posted by act.tv on Friday, October 30, 2015

    Special sneak peak of my new project

    Hey everyone, Check out this new project I’m working on with Act.TV. This episode is part of the Correction series, where I extract the truth from mainstream media coverage. Leave your thoughts in a comment below, I wanna hear what you think of it~  

  • Ep. 208: To Heal, Otherwise Known as Tikkun

    One of the most important Rabbis in America, Rabbi Michael Lerner is on the show tonight. He’s the founder of Tikkun Magazine and co-founder of The Network of Spiritual Progressives, and author of over nine books, including Healing Israel/Palestine: A Path to Peace and Reconciliation. Listen below:

  • Ep. 207: Berning Hot and Steady at the Debate

    Tonight on the show, David Bender, Political Director for the Progressive Voices Network, is back to give his expert analysis of the first DNC debate. This episode will answer a lot of questions about why Hillary really didn’t win anything in that Las Vegas slug match. Listen below:


    Bernie Sanders will be speaking in NYC tomorrow, September 18, 2015! Follow the link below to contribute to Bernie’s fundraiser and get your seat at his first speech in NYC: https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/contribute/NYC?source=em150914

  • Julianna Forlano Show: The Algerian Movie and Bern’in Down The House! (Ep. 202)

    We had all of our favorite segments on the show tonight. Feel the Bern, Reports from Vagistan and The Audacity of Pope! Also on the show, Director Giovanni Zelko, to talk about his award winning movie “The Algerian,” which focuses on Ali, a man with a double life, both a student, and a terrorist sleeper […]

  • Ep. 201: #FeelTheBern! And Is Trump an “Illuminati Puppet”? Or just a Racist One?

    On this episode we cover candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the polls. We don’t discuss Trump…well, we do, but only by discussing the importance of not discussing him. HA! All that and the 10 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. “Bobby” Jindal’s idiotic climate change denial also makes a splash… but not in the deadly […]

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Ep 160: The News Is Causing Population-Wide Traumatization!

What is a trauma response and can watching the news be causing us all to have one? More over…who benefits? Listen here and find out!

Ep 159: Yes THEY Can: SPAIN’s Pro-Labor #PODEMOS Movement is on the Verge of Sweeping Victory!

We speak with Nacho Alvarez Peralta a  leader and economist of Spain’s Podemos Movement and then continue the conversation with documentary film-maker and professor Miguel Macias, who has recently released his film The Crisis of My Friends on the effects of Spain’s austerity policies have had on a whole generation of young adults. This is […]

Ep 158: Bob Mankoff on Humor, censorship & free speech.

Bob Mankoff the Cartoon Editor for the New Yorker joins us as we discuss humor and comedy in today’s society.  We discuss the many challenges comedians and cartoonists have it comes to be funny and the challenges o censorship.

Ep 157: Bryce Covert on Pregnancy Discrimination & Laurie Jones on Whistleblowers

          Olive Garden may not like pregnant women and the US Government really hates whistleblowers. We have on Bryce Covert of Think Progress  as she talks about how  Olive Garden and other business try to get away with firing women when they become pregnant. We also talk to Laurie Jones of […]

Ep 156: Amanda Devecka-Rinear & Adam Gordon on Chris Christie and the Recovery after Hurricane Sandy & Kevin Gallagher on Free Barrett Brown

It’s been over  two years since Hurricane Sandy and people are still without homes in New Jersey. Also, who is Barrett Brown? These are the two issues that will be discussed on today’s episode. Joining us today include Adam Gordon of the Fair Share Housing Center and Amanda Devecka-Rinear of the New Jersey Organizing Project as we […]

Ep 155: Dr. Martin Schreibman on Aquaponics & Sustainable Fishing

Do you know what aquaponics are? If not then stay tuned as Brooklyn College Prof. Martin Schreibman explains how aquaponics can help increase food production as well how they can help improve the   environment.   We also take listener calls as we discuss science.  

Ep: 154 Michael Springman on 9/11 & the CIA

Blowback, 9/11 & the CIA, former Visa Bureau Chief Michael Springmann joins to talk about his time working in the Saudi Arabia during the late 80s. He explains how the CIA approved many visas for people to receive terrorist training in the US.  We also discuss the lawsuit brought by the families of the 9/11 victims against the […]

Ep 153: John N. Anderson on Net Neutrality & Katie Goodman on Hollywood’s problem with Women over 40

Hollywood hates actresses once they hit 40 and Katie Goodman talks about the lack of roles for women actors once they reach 40.  Comedian Katie Goodman joins us for the “Report from  Vagistan”  as we discuss the lack of roles women get after 40 and how older actresses are being shut out from.  this year’s Oscar […]

Ep 152: Dr Reese Halter on the Death of the Earth’s Oceans.

Our Oceans are dying and we must take action. Ocean Conservationist Dr. Reeese Halter joins us today as we discuss  ocean ecosystems destruction and the dangers that lie therein. We also discuss how humans are responsible for all of this destruction. We also joined by Kathy Davis of WBAI’s Heart of Mind. Dr Reese Halter can […]

Ep 151: James Henry on Corporations and Tax Havens

Corporations are hiding the money and James Henry of The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment discusses how. With the rise of Tax Havens most of the profits from US Corporations are sheltered overseas. James goes over how corporations evade taxes and how it hurts the economy.  We also go over which US Corporations are the biggest tax dodgers […]