• CORRECTION: We interrupt your regular CNN programming

    Ever get so exasperated with cable news that you wish you could jump on-screen and take over? Our own Julianna Forlano was able to do just that!We now interrupt your regular CNN programming for a much-needed correction.

    Posted by act.tv on Friday, October 30, 2015

    Special sneak peak of my new project

    Hey everyone, Check out this new project I’m working on with Act.TV. This episode is part of the Correction series, where I extract the truth from mainstream media coverage. Leave your thoughts in a comment below, I wanna hear what you think of it~  

  • Ep. 208: To Heal, Otherwise Known as Tikkun

    One of the most important Rabbis in America, Rabbi Michael Lerner is on the show tonight. He’s the founder of Tikkun Magazine and co-founder of The Network of Spiritual Progressives, and author of over nine books, including Healing Israel/Palestine: A Path to Peace and Reconciliation. Listen below:

  • Ep. 207: Berning Hot and Steady at the Debate

    Tonight on the show, David Bender, Political Director for the Progressive Voices Network, is back to give his expert analysis of the first DNC debate. This episode will answer a lot of questions about why Hillary really didn’t win anything in that Las Vegas slug match. Listen below:


    Bernie Sanders will be speaking in NYC tomorrow, September 18, 2015! Follow the link below to contribute to Bernie’s fundraiser and get your seat at his first speech in NYC: https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/contribute/NYC?source=em150914

  • Julianna Forlano Show: The Algerian Movie and Bern’in Down The House! (Ep. 202)

    We had all of our favorite segments on the show tonight. Feel the Bern, Reports from Vagistan and The Audacity of Pope! Also on the show, Director Giovanni Zelko, to talk about his award winning movie “The Algerian,” which focuses on Ali, a man with a double life, both a student, and a terrorist sleeper […]

  • Ep. 201: #FeelTheBern! And Is Trump an “Illuminati Puppet”? Or just a Racist One?

    On this episode we cover candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the polls. We don’t discuss Trump…well, we do, but only by discussing the importance of not discussing him. HA! All that and the 10 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. “Bobby” Jindal’s idiotic climate change denial also makes a splash… but not in the deadly […]

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Ep 169: Petraeus Gets Off Easy Cause He knows Where the Bodies Are Burried! SCOTUS on King v. Burwell!

Marcy Wheeler joins us to talk about the two-tiered justice system and why Former General David Petraeus is getting off so much easier than some other folks for the exact same crime. On the second half of the program, Michelle Schwartz of the Alliance For Justice  keeps us posted on the King V. Burwell case […]

Sign the Petition! Investigate the 47 Senators for Violating The Logan Act

Click here to sign the petition! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/file-charges-against-47-us-senators-violation-logan-act-attempting-undermine-nuclear-agreement/NKQnpJS9  

Ep. 168: @CliffSchecter: Obama Could Hugely Help The Middle Class with One Pen Stroke! Will he? Then Barbara Winslow on International Women’s Day & More!

There’s a good chance Barack Obama will raise middle class wages with the stroke of his trusty pen. Let’s help him do it! Listen in to the discussion with Cliff Schecter from The Daily Beast and Libertas LLC and then go here to sign the petition and  show your support for the measure: http://campaigns.dailykos.com/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=1130   […]

Ep 167: Canadian Comedian Kate Conner Explains When Canada Stopped Being Canada!

Comedian Kate Connor is performing in NYC this week and we had the good fortune to speak with her about life, comedy, and what the hell is happening with Canada. Kate Conner on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lifehysteric

Ep 166: Chicago Fights Back As A DINO Trys to Take The City! & The Fight To Organize Domestic Workers.

Mathew Filipowicz of The Matthew Filipowicz Show join us to discuss the fight for Chicago: Will Corporate Democrat Rahm Emanuel retain his seat as Mayor? Can Chuy Garcia win? Why is this important to the WHOLE COUNTRY? Then on the second half Alicia Garza of #BlackLivesMatter and the Domestic Workers Alliance joins us to discuss […]

Ep 165: Bibi 101 w/Charles Lenchner : What happened, What didn’t, What might, and Why.

Charles Lenchner of Organizing 2.0 joins us to explain, clarify and discuss the whole Bibi visit, thank goodness,  including the major historic victory for Progressive Democrats. By the way, Joe Biden didn’t attend Bib’s speech. Remember how he said they were such great friends, he and Bibi, during that Biden/Palin debate? Regular pals they are… […]

Ep 164: The New EPA! Now Without All That Pesky Science; Then, Cuomo Purges a TROVE of Potenitally Incriminating State Docs!

  I think the title says it all! Those and other stories, plus listener calls on this episode of The Julianna Forlano Show.

Ep. 163: News Flash: Internet Access is a Civil Right; & Obama & Strategy: He’s no Frank Underwood!

Malkia Cyril, Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice, joins us to discuss the role the civil rights community and people of color played in the most recent win for freedom of speech. In the second half,  political writer Gaius Publius of Naked Capitalism, DWT, Hullabaloo, Alternet, & more spots (collected works here: gaiuspublius.tumblr.com) […]

Ep 162: Keystone XL: It Ain’t Dead Yet & Chris Christie is Going DOWN!

Mark Schlosberg, National Organizing Director for Food & Water Watch joins us on the program today along with Michael Dorsey, Vice President for Strategy and Co-Founder of U.S. Climate Plan to discuss how Obama didn’t actually veto the Keystone XL pipeline. Then on part two of our show investigative reporter for Salon.com and WhoWhatWhy.com, Bob […]

Ep. 161: Pope Francis Is Showing Love to Liberation Theology and then Man-Splaining Splained. #ReportsFromVagistan

In part one of our show Blase Bonpane joins us to explore how Pope Francis is taking some pretty radical steps in our segment The Audacity of Pope.  Then Jennifer Pozner explain mansplaining. Some guy also calls us to mansplain to us about mansplaining. It was SO META. Listen in!